We would like to welcome you to Sweetcroft Residential Care Home, our beautiful family run residential home set in the heart of Hillingdon, Greater London.

Leaving home can be a challenging time and so to ensure the smoothest transition, Sweetcroft Residential Care Home boasts an authentic ‘home from home’ experience to help you settle.

By putting quality at the forefront of everything we do for our residents, relatives, advocates, and everyone with an interest in the Home, we aspire to be one of the most respected and successful care providers operating within the independent sector. Our focus is very much on people & people’s needs, and it is our aim to ensure that each and every service user benefits from absolute respect and an enhanced and meaningful lifestyle.

We offer support and a community for people who are lonely and who want to have their every need met in a safe, warm environment, whether that is an ear to listen, a hot cup of tea or a fluffy fresh towel.

Our dedication to providing the best care depends on attracting and retaining the very best individuals to our team. The staff are the backbone of any care home and we search long and hard to find the most caring individuals to add to our staff. We are lucky to boast a long standing permanent workforce who always believe in putting our residents first. We feel that we’ve created a family in both our carers and residents and only believe in employing outstanding individuals who are able to meet our exceptionally high standards.




Our dedicated staff offers a wide range of activities, from bowling, to painting, to bingo. We have a passion for interactive activities, so you can be assured of a fun and interactive afternoon, aimed to stimulate the minds of our residents.

We also appreciate that some residents who come in may want to share their favourite pastimes and we are open to new ideas and suggestions. We have a wide collection of puzzles and creative arts and crafts sessions to allow for residents to express themselves. We recognize the need for activities which incorporate the use of hands, as it is critical to keep joints in a good range of motion and for the resident’s dexterity. This helps them with fine movement, such as doing up buttons and in turn promotes independence. We engage the residents in activities that encourage reminiscing, socializing and communication with one another. We observe that every resident is different and whilst some enjoy group activities there are others who prefer 1:1 time with the activity coordinator or carers.

Our Staff also holds Cognitive Stimulation Therapy groups twice a week, which is a treatment that works especially well for those suffering from mild to moderate stages of dementia. Group CST treatment involves sessions of themed activities and aim to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia, whilst providing an optimal learning environment and the social benefits of a group. The effects of CST appear to be of a comparable size to those reported with the currently available anti-dementia drugs. A typical session would involve an informal introduction, a chat about current news stories and a programme of activities arranged around a particular theme. CST is recommended by the UK government NICE guidelines as a treatment for people with dementia. CST aims to engage and stimulate people in a friendly and enjoyable group setting. Research into CST shows that it improves thinking abilities, as well as general wellbeing.

We feel that it is important for the residents to go on daily walks (weather permitting) to the local park if they so wish and provide wheelchairs for those less able to walk long distances. 

For some elderly people living in a care home away from their families can be difficult or lonely.

The most important skill that all our staff have is the ability to communicate. All of our staff are encouraged to pay careful attention to what our residents are communicating either verbally or non-verbally throughout their time with us. The residents lead the way, they tell us what they want us to know. Listening and understanding a resident with Dementia is a key part of treating that individual with the dignity they deserve.

Every Little Helps


A mobile hairdresser visits in person every weekend and attends to any residents who require her expertise. She has been with the home for over 6 years and can create any hairstyle that the resident desires, whilst in the comfort and safety of the care home.


A chiropodist visits the home regularly to attend to the resident’s footcare, in the comfort and safety of the care home. She is a dedicated longstanding chiropodist who prevents, diagnoses and treats abnormal conditions of the feet, as well as helping to relieve pain and treat infections.


Our green-fingered residents can enjoy watching their very own plants grow in the spacious back garden,  or enjoy a leisurely stroll in the sunshine, or for those who like relaxing in a peaceful environment.

Puzzles, Arts & Crafts
We have a wide collection of puzzles as well as creative arts and crafts sessions for residents to express themselves and let their imaginations take over.
Shopping & Beyond

We organize trips to the local shops, dementia cinema screenings, as well as to Kew Gardens, the local Animal Shelters with tea rooms attached and Garden Centre’s. We feel that it is very important to engage our residents in activities beyond the boundary of the care home. We encourage residents to go out for meals with their families and friends and work together with families to simulate their previous lifestyle. It is important for the residents to feel at home and see SweetCroft as a home from home.


We have found here at Sweetcroft that the majority of our residents thrive on listening, singing and dancing to music and we have 2 singers who perform live regularly for their benefit. They sing from a number of different genres and styles including jazz, country, war songs and classical and the residents thoroughly enjoy it.

Food & Drink

Our catering staff consists of experienced chefs who offer only the best in nutritional and delicious food, which reflects the individual tastes and dietary needs of our residents. We pride ourselves in adhering to dietary needs, whether they are religious, cultural or medical. All of the food is prepared on site and comprises of fresh local produce, ensuring that all the meals provided are healthy, nutritional and most importantly delicious tasting. The residents are given gorgeous cakes every day with their afternoon tea, ranging from lemon drizzle to raspberry and coconut cake and we find that the residents relish this 3.30pm treat. Of course, we also like to offer healthy options such as fresh fruit if they so wish.

Our dining room is spacious and light and offers a chance for the residents to engage in conversation with each other. This is especially true when new residents join the home and offers a platform for other residents to make them feel welcome. We found that food and the social aspect surrounding it is so important in people’s lives and we try to create an atmosphere where friendships are made, as we all know that the best friendships are built over good home cooking.

Not only do our chefs focus on providing nutritious, balanced diets, but they also pay particular attention to specialist needs – whether health related (such as diabetes) or religious.

We have been fortunate enough due to the diligence of our catering team to be awarded a 5***** rating by the Local Authority for Food and Hygiene.